Energy Savings

Energy Savings Chart

44% of the average home’s utility bills are heating and cooling related (see chart). Increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system will make a larger dollar savings in operating costs than any other high efficiency appliances that you can buy for your home.

In the past few decades many new home-buyers and contractors were more concerned with initial equipment cost than long term operating costs and or energy conservation. As a result, many homes currently have inefficient systems that are expensive to operate. Now there are many more cost effective options available to homeowners.

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Example: If your current air conditioner is a 10 SEER unit and it was upgraded to a 13 SEER, you would be saving 30% over the old system (a 14 SEER would be 40% more efficient than a 10). SEER is simply an efficiency rating. Many old air conditioners have SEER rating below 10.