Preventative Maintenance

Univenture belt

We provide businesses with scheduled preventative maintenance to help prevent breakdowns and emergencies. Our specialty is installation and replacement of rooftop units and ventilators. If you are a business owner or manager and are less than 100% satisfied with your present service contractor please take a few minutes to call us.

Photo Gallery

Below are images taken by our expert technicians showing some of the things we check for during our maintenance inspections. Included in this gallery are some before and after photos:

  • Cracked

    Heat exchanger carbon monoxide danger

  • Broken

    Badly cracked blower belt

  • Dirty

    Dirty air filters being sucked into unit

  • Dirty

    Dirt impacted between layers of coil "necessary to seperate coils to clean"

  • Cleaned

    Clean coils reduce refrigerant pressures and utility bills

  • Coil

    Coil damaged by improper cleaning "fins bent flat increasing chance of compressor failure"

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