Commercial Energy Savings


Efficiency of equipment on a commercial building can have a huge impact on bottom line profit because of the larger equipment/buildings. Our customized preventive maintenance programs will keep your equipment operating at it’s maximum energy efficiency. For details about maintenance programs see our preventive maintenance page.

Many commercial offices were built using inefficient equipment simply because of initial cost savings or natural gas being unavailable at that time. Using higher efficiency equipment, economizers or replacing electric heat units with gas will significantly lower your utility bills and energy usage.

Additionally many commercial customers use air conditioning even when it is colder outside (due to the additional heat that lighting, office, cooking and manufacturing equipment emits ) . This is just one situation where large savings can be realized by using economizers in the Spring and Fall. Many rooftop systems don’t have "economizers" that bring in fresh cold air instead of turning on the air conditioner. Call our office to see if your system has a functioning economizer or if one is available for your equipment.